Sunday, June 20, 2010


WOW... Its been a long time ** ya meh??** i din write anything in this blog.. hahahah ** quite busy during weekends**.. u wanna know what did i done during weekends here is my JOB/WORK:
1.On Thursday night i had AIKIDO CLASS which is start at 8.30pm till 10.00 pm and usually after BURN all the FAT we went to benteng(SATOK area LOTS OF FOOD!!! :D) and "LEPAK" there until 12.00++++ hurmm..( reach home near 2am) hehehe.. next....
2.On Friday hurmmm.. what did i do ha?? aha.. went out with my cousin SHOPPING!! erk actually i din buy anything.. hurmm.. oh ya.. i bought wire for BONSAI~ hehehe... and at night hv DATE with MY GIRLFRIENDS~~ it was awesome can meet them and chit chat at Chicago 7 we talked until we get bored and one of my friend come with an idea " JOM WATCH MOVIE??? who wanna WATCH MOVIE??" then all of us agreed to go to MBO to watch late nite movie..
3. haha.. actually im lost already.. cuz i already start my job at SWINBURN UNIVERSITY as Exam Invigilator for 3 weeks.. lalalala~ ** I LOVE this job**

Actually this post is for 2 weeks past but i was busy so.. i forgot what to type inside.. =.=" sighh.. im still thinking what i wanted to write last time.. @@" everyday is a busy life for me.. go for aikido class, do daddy's work and go do my own work which is~~ (lepak-ing, shopping-ing, movie-ing and what so ever ing ing) hahaha..
i will stop here for now cuz i keep thinking what should i write in this "old" post... hahaha.. it's make me dizzy~~~ @@"


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