Thursday, July 15, 2010

TEST~ TEST~ ** continue next time =.=ll **

ehem... Gud day mate! Haha.. I just woke up and still lying on my bed with lazy face and i am testing using mobile to update my blog and yes it's work!! Yey~ but the only problem is i cant put the color and also make the words BIGGER.. (T^T) but its okay as long i can update my blog.. Hehehe.. :D **MiSsInG sOmEOne right now :((** oh ya.. While JIMMY LEE at miri for two weeks, my cousin DANI came up with an idea for us which is to hv 6 pacs~ so now we train our body so that our body fit and healthy~ ^_^ omg~ suddenly this mobile cant scroll down and i cant see what am typing.. Swt =.=ll how i gonna type~ helpppp~~

Saturday, July 3, 2010

**Exam Invigilator**

when 1st time my friend ask me about exam invigilator, i was thinking what should that person do? **although i know its an "easy" job like only standing** okok~ like daaa... its easy.. haha.. so i try my luck on that and i sent my resume to the person in charge.. duh.. i hv to go to photo shop to take my passport picture which i DON'T LIKE u wanna know why i don't like?? I DON'T KNOW HOW TO POSE AND SMILE~~ haha.. a bit paiseh when in front the camera ><" okok~ when everything i done and submit the resume, so what should i do is waiting and try to search other people who wanna join and become exam supervisor and i asked my friends to join so that i have someone that i know to talk with.. so after few weeks my friend receive a call from swinburn telling my friends that had been choose become that supervisor.. so i was happy for my friends BUT why they din call me?? why why?? so i told my friends about this.. my friends try his best to help me **THANKS TO HIM** and after a few days she called me and i was pleased to know that Swinburn person called me :DDDDDDDD yey!!!.... so we went for briefing and they(swinburn) give warn on us so that we dont do mistake while exam~ :p ..................... TO BE CONTINUE~~~ :D


i was happy when do the job as invigilator this because the job is soooooo sooooo easy~ just walk walk walk and see the students write their idea on piece of paper~ hahaha~~ i do that work for 2 weeks so i have to wake up sooooo early (i hate it! opsss =X)~ well luckly i've done that job and the salary been paid! ($.$) MONEY~~~ :3
hopefully the Swinburne especially examination unit will call me again and hope by that time im FREE~ :DD