Saturday, November 5, 2011

Salam Idul Adha

Salam Aidiladha to all muslim all around the world and to all my frens too.. :) long time did'nt update my blog..

Friday, December 10, 2010


OH MY GOD!!! its been a while i haven't update my blog... (~.~) sighhhh... im soo soo soorry sorry sorry ** Korean artist SUJU!!!!** :D anyway... was so busy with my life now and the things that i had done is :~

  • EXAM FOR MY AIKIDO BLACK BELT (NERVOUS!!! not enough prepare ><")
well.. i will update one by one.. WITH PICTURES!! hohohoho~ i will update ASAP!! oh well.. after invigilate will have other things to do... appointment with dental... wuwuuwuw.. SCARY!

okay gtg~ tomorrow my sister will bring me go to PICNIC!!! yey~ aha.. will update that too... woo... so many to update!! hahaha.. i will try yeah.. don't worry..

Nite nite people~ :D sweet dreams~~ ZzzzZZzzzz

Sunday, October 17, 2010

14-10-2010 **arghh~**

wow! today suddenly my mom entered my room early in the morning to wake me up.. She told me that my dad wanna bring me to go to work and will pay my SALARY~YAHOOO~ so i woke up and go to bath~ and prepared my self to go to work.. hahahaha~ well i usually like to wear simple only( Short and T-Shirt with sandal) **not proper attire to go to work~**... XD

so i drive the car with my dad,fren and worker.. went to TM(Tourism Malaysia) sarawak branch~~ oh ya.. this work my dad and his workers already done for a bout 2 weeks?!!! **sooooooooo longggg they do this work although its only simple job**

here some picture i've took:
actually so many things to carry from level 2 bring to level 1.. but my dad has lots of workers around 5-6 person.. (if many people sure the work done faster rite?) so.. the picture is when all the things already done(before this the floor messy with all the boxes and the papers)

all the boxes are empty **stupid them want to keep those boxes** how they want to get big space to put all the posters and brochure??? F*** them.. >< style="font-size:180%;">RM20,000.00!!!! don't simply put this things on it! take the things away from this painting! (then i take the white board and put it other side..) WTF!! i don't give a damn for that painting! NOT NICE AT ALL!! although i like art(painting) but when i saw that painting i feel like i want to VOMIT on it!!


(2007 ) hurmmm?? FOR SELL??!!


The white board and the painting~ hahaha~
And this what my fren do~ hahahhahahahahahah


haha.. so funny~~

WTH.. RM20,000.00????!!! =.=" sooooo.........

NAH!!!! take this mlm-.-mlm

the person in-charge was sooo tut tut (CENSORED) because at first he ask us to clean all the things at level 1 only... but after that.. he came up with an idea.. he say.. oh after this go up stairs and help to bring down the old PC.. so we said OKAY ( thought only that PC) in the end.. HE ask us to CLEAN and ARRANGE all the POSTERS, BROCHURE and ALL RUBBISH (suppose that is THEIR JOB to arrange those things!!! THEIR WORKERS SOOOOOOOOOOO LAZY!!!!!!!)... fine we just follow the instruction and do as he command.. till at one time we all getting tired and exhausted and we just bring all the rubbish and throw it all away and leave all the boxes full with brochure.. and we WENT BACK HOME SWEET HOME.. hahahaha.. till now they din call my dad anymore because the job done already!~ ^^

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Baby come close let me tell you this
In a whisper my heart says you know it too
Baby we both share a secret wish
And you're feeling my love reaching out to you

Don't let it end (no)
Now that you're right here in my arms where you should stay
Hold tight baby
Don't let it fade out of sight
Just let the moments sweep us both away
Lifting us to where
We both agree
This is timeless love

I see it all baby in your eyes
When you look at me I know I feel it too (yes I do)
So let's sail away and be forever baby
Where the crystal ocean melts into the sky
We shouldn't let the moment pass
Making me shiver let's make it last
Why should we lose it don't ever let me go

Baby its timeless
Oh baby its timeless

Don't let it fade out of sight
Just let the moments sweep us both away
Lifting us to where
We both agree
It's just timeless
It's just timeless


Oh~ i LOVE this song so damn much~><" this song make me cry *how "clever" am i that time* hahahha~ well how i know this song is when my cousin open and play this song in his car.. but that time the song is in Korean version.. but i think in Korean version more nicer although i don't understand that time~ haha.. oh My GoD~~~~~ i wanted to upload the video but my laptop cannot upload it.. sighhh... =.=" but u guys can watch it in youtube.. sorry yeah.. hope you guys enjoy the song~~ ^^V

aha!! this one is korean version~ ^^ hope you guys enjoy the vid~ hahaha~ yey!! i know how to post video already~~ XDDD and this is the korean lyric~

An dwae yo nal,no,a beo ri myeon
Him deul eo do yeo gi deo,meo mul lo yo
Jo geum man do,bol,su i da myeon
Nam eun sa rang man keum uso bol,taen dae

Timeless,i byeol eun a ni jyo
Han bon eui sarm i ra myeon ji geum oo,rin dae
Hold tight baby
Timeless,i ga seum ae mud o yo
Sun gan eui yeol byeong cho rom jam shi man,a peul bbun i ni
We both agree
This is timeless,love

Sae sang eun da,ha na,ga ji man
Seul peum ma jo ham kkae ga neun geon ga yo
No mu geu ri wo ddo nal,bul ro,bun geu dae
Ma eum bbun in sang cho man mo mul gaet,jyo

To hae haen nun mul sam ki myeon,geu ddae so ya ar gae dwir kka yo

Nae son jab a yo,ddo na gae mal a yo

Timeless,i byeol eun a ni jyo
Han beon eui sarm i ra myeon ji geum oo,rin dae
Hold tight baby
Timeless,i ga seum ae mud o yo
Sun gan eui yeol byeong cho rom jam shi man,a peul bbun i ni
We both agree
This is timeless,love

Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Baby,it’s timeless
Oh baby it’s timeless

Timeless dol a gal su i,do rok
Sun gan eui yeol byeong cho rom jam shi man,a peul bbun i ni
We both agree
This is timeless
This is tïmeless,love

E N J O Y ~ ~ ~

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Selamat Hari Raya~

hahaha~ i know it's already too late to wish Selamat Hari Raya.. but it's still in raya mood..SELAMAT HARI RAYA TO ALL MUSLIM IN THIS WORLD and out world???? XD.. only left few days before Syawal end.. well Hari Raya is the best day ever ( ehemmmm... MONEY!!!! XD ) and also can eat a lots of variety FOODS that u will faint when u see it~ hahaha.. aha.. and the first day of hari raya.. some people will do open house and some will do the open house during 2nd or 3rd or whenever they wanted to do (since hari raya 1 month which is 30 days~)but for me my family do the open house on the 1st day of hari raya.. sigh.. a little bit tired because have to catch up with praying and also prepare all the foods for our guest.... (~.~") jeng jeng jeng~~ (means ** NO IDEA** already) lol~ oh ya.. took lots of picture which i will upload it ASAP~(if i free lor~) will update this blog about hari raya again~ da.....**pooofffff** ( going out to fix "my" car...)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Selamat Berpuasa

Selamat Berpuasa To all Muslim all around the world! :D

well.. nothing much happen now.. was busy as usual helping my family and also before hari raya come, i do "some pimp my room" so that it looks nice and tidy(but still messy like before i tide it..) LOL~

err.. i off now.. wanna go to The Spring shopping mall.. :) my 2nd home.. hahahahah~

Thursday, July 15, 2010

TEST~ TEST~ ** continue next time =.=ll **

ehem... Gud day mate! Haha.. I just woke up and still lying on my bed with lazy face and i am testing using mobile to update my blog and yes it's work!! Yey~ but the only problem is i cant put the color and also make the words BIGGER.. (T^T) but its okay as long i can update my blog.. Hehehe.. :D **MiSsInG sOmEOne right now :((** oh ya.. While JIMMY LEE at miri for two weeks, my cousin DANI came up with an idea for us which is to hv 6 pacs~ so now we train our body so that our body fit and healthy~ ^_^ omg~ suddenly this mobile cant scroll down and i cant see what am typing.. Swt =.=ll how i gonna type~ helpppp~~