Thursday, July 15, 2010

TEST~ TEST~ ** continue next time =.=ll **

ehem... Gud day mate! Haha.. I just woke up and still lying on my bed with lazy face and i am testing using mobile to update my blog and yes it's work!! Yey~ but the only problem is i cant put the color and also make the words BIGGER.. (T^T) but its okay as long i can update my blog.. Hehehe.. :D **MiSsInG sOmEOne right now :((** oh ya.. While JIMMY LEE at miri for two weeks, my cousin DANI came up with an idea for us which is to hv 6 pacs~ so now we train our body so that our body fit and healthy~ ^_^ omg~ suddenly this mobile cant scroll down and i cant see what am typing.. Swt =.=ll how i gonna type~ helpppp~~

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