Sunday, October 17, 2010

14-10-2010 **arghh~**

wow! today suddenly my mom entered my room early in the morning to wake me up.. She told me that my dad wanna bring me to go to work and will pay my SALARY~YAHOOO~ so i woke up and go to bath~ and prepared my self to go to work.. hahahaha~ well i usually like to wear simple only( Short and T-Shirt with sandal) **not proper attire to go to work~**... XD

so i drive the car with my dad,fren and worker.. went to TM(Tourism Malaysia) sarawak branch~~ oh ya.. this work my dad and his workers already done for a bout 2 weeks?!!! **sooooooooo longggg they do this work although its only simple job**

here some picture i've took:
actually so many things to carry from level 2 bring to level 1.. but my dad has lots of workers around 5-6 person.. (if many people sure the work done faster rite?) so.. the picture is when all the things already done(before this the floor messy with all the boxes and the papers)

all the boxes are empty **stupid them want to keep those boxes** how they want to get big space to put all the posters and brochure??? F*** them.. >< style="font-size:180%;">RM20,000.00!!!! don't simply put this things on it! take the things away from this painting! (then i take the white board and put it other side..) WTF!! i don't give a damn for that painting! NOT NICE AT ALL!! although i like art(painting) but when i saw that painting i feel like i want to VOMIT on it!!


(2007 ) hurmmm?? FOR SELL??!!


The white board and the painting~ hahaha~
And this what my fren do~ hahahhahahahahahah


haha.. so funny~~

WTH.. RM20,000.00????!!! =.=" sooooo.........

NAH!!!! take this mlm-.-mlm

the person in-charge was sooo tut tut (CENSORED) because at first he ask us to clean all the things at level 1 only... but after that.. he came up with an idea.. he say.. oh after this go up stairs and help to bring down the old PC.. so we said OKAY ( thought only that PC) in the end.. HE ask us to CLEAN and ARRANGE all the POSTERS, BROCHURE and ALL RUBBISH (suppose that is THEIR JOB to arrange those things!!! THEIR WORKERS SOOOOOOOOOOO LAZY!!!!!!!)... fine we just follow the instruction and do as he command.. till at one time we all getting tired and exhausted and we just bring all the rubbish and throw it all away and leave all the boxes full with brochure.. and we WENT BACK HOME SWEET HOME.. hahahaha.. till now they din call my dad anymore because the job done already!~ ^^